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Fogponics - Anyone have any info on this?


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I became aware of this sometime last week and have been doing research on it every day with surprisingly very little to show for it. Some people have mentioned a hearing issue in that the fogger can heat the nutrirnt water past a certain "cook" point but I have found several videos that show the fogger directly in the reservoir with the plants in an all in one unit, and then I find videos were the fogger is in a separate chamber but beyond that I can't find any solid info beyond how it works at a cursory level. So has anyone played with the system before? Is there indeed a nutrient water heating issue? How long can you have the fogger running? I know some fogger S are better than others and I'd want to use aluminum discs for the vibrating plates but The big thing I am looking for is the heating issue and how long I need to have the fogger running for optimal nutrient uptake.


I have only seen fogponics used to clone plants lately but there are probably people who use it for their regular plants. There are foggers that do not put out heat or use chemicals. I have read that they absorb the nutes better the nutrients you use will probably have to be weakened or it can cause problems. The fogger will probably have to be cleaned regularly.
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