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Follow up on Ants and cinnamon post


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Firstly I'd like to thank Spimp for referring me to a post confirming what I heard.

It seems to have worked great!
After applying a little cinnamon and baking soda to the top layer, no more ants were eating my plants. I watched almost every half hour and haven't noticed a single ant in that soil.

About half an hour ago I went and got the same soil I used previously, knowing it had the tiny ants in it. I gradually filled the new pot with dirt, watching for ants as I did. No sign of them. But I figured they must still be in the dirt.

So, I grabbed a table spoon measurer, added about half cinnamon and half baking soda. I mixed that into the dirt and what do you know. About 5-10 minutes later ants were visibly running away from the soil and crawling up the sides of the pot. I watered the soil thoroughly, and added another sprinkle of baking soda on the top layer.

I'm not aurw if the cinnamon drove them to the surface, or the baking soda. But there was a nice layer of baling soda waiting for them up top so hopefully they will die off.

As for ths effects on the plants... I haven't noticed anything. Still growing normally after day 3 of the baking soda/cinnamon. No signs of anything wrong.

I will definitely be using this for ant problems in the future! The definitely seem to dislike it
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