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I live in So Cal coastal. Vegged 6 clones indoors under 24 hr CFL's from March 16 to May 1, then re-potted into large containers outdoors. Flowering started 2 weeks later when there was about 10 hours of darkness. Bud development continued, decently, but around June 1, with about 9 hrs of darkness the Jack Herer - with a classic sativa phenotype structure - went back into a kind of re-veg with a burst of stretching and the flower development became very loose, particularly with the upper branches and main stem. The indica and other hybrids seem to have not been affected with the lengthening hours, just this one. I don't want to waste the care I've put into it and will just ride this out as we creep back into 10 hrs of darkness.
Any ideas what I can expect from this plant in terms of potency and yield?


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Thanks. Do you think I'll get another round of bud development or will they just continue to ripen? I'd anticipated late July as the harvest window.


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Now that it re-entered veg, it should continue on until it would normally go into bloom. That would be anywhere from ~mid July into Aug....at least up here (I'm at 37º north). Then bloom phase until harvest anywhere from mid Sept on. Imo late July might be too early, but keep an eye on the early buds, which may indeed ripen sooner. So yes, I believe you will see it give you new buds in the normal flowering period.
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