Fopho's 2nd Journal - Cheese Quake - DIY Projects & Various Other Strains


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Strains: Cheese Quake & a few others, but undecided
Indica/sativa: 50/50
Which stage: Veg 1 week
Lights 2 40w cfls & 300w LED, my other 1000w hps/mh is still being used to finish up my other plants.
Soil: 1 bag FoxFarms Ocean Forest, 1 bag FoxFarms Light warrior, 1 bag FoxFarms potting mix(its the worm castings and bat guano mix) & 1 cup happy frog fruit & flower(5-8-4 NPK)
Bucket size: 1 gallon, but transplanting to 10 gallon fabric pots after 15-30 days. Just waiting to get a nice healthy root system.
Nutrients: maybe none depending on how this mix goes
pH: 6.4-6.6(have a new meter now so watch out)

So far I have this cheese Quake clone that Ive topped once and Ive taken 1 of the sucker shoots off. They are in root riot plugs as we speak trying to root. Along with Da Purps and Platinum Blue Dream, but I may not run those this go around. Im still on the hunt so to speak for my other strains. Only way I run the samething is if nothing else catches my eye. Anyways in this journal Im going to try and touch base on multiple techniques like Mainlining, LST, Monster Cropping(if they rooted), topping, DIY projects, & probably some lollipopping.

First up is Cheese Quake-

Here she is after topping-

Whenever you plan on topping any of your plants you should wait till its time to water them. Reason for this is watering promotes growth, so this should cut back on healing time or shock. W.e you wanna call it.

The sucker shoot, top, & the 4 clones I was able to get from them


Hope everyone will enjoy this journal as much as my last, but this journal should cover more than the last one did. Hopefully
Update 23 February 2016
Day temperature: 77-80 RH:60%
Night temperature: 68-70 RH: 65%
pH: 6.6
Schedule: 20/4 will go 18/6 once Im able to use my 1000w MH with the LED, but so far just using 80w of cfls & 300w LED.

After lights on this morning ill be removing 2 more sucker shoots to clone. This should redirect all its energy into the 4 remaining colas, but we wont be stopping here. After a few days of healing ill top once again, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Photos to follow after lights on, and no worries Im still harvesting my other journal this a.m. as well. Thank you

Think I forgot to mention Cheese Quake is a TGA Subcool strain that mixes Cheese and Querkle. It has an 8 week flower time.
Hey fop its good to arrive early. What kinda DIY projects you got in mind?


Probably show people how I repurposed everyday items to be used with your grow room. I know a lot of hydro stores and companies wanna make you think there item is the only one that can be used. Damn near all of my equipment has been repurposed. Like my drying rack which I'll show in my other journal today after harvest. My humidifier, I store my crop in turkey bags from Walmart, and various other items that I'll get more in detail with has I get to that point. I hope everyone finds something here that they will use. Eventually

I also want to show people the benefits of using a combo of different lights, as opposed to just straight LED, HID, or CFL for that matter. Im a firm believer that your plants can't get all they need from just 1 single source. Even on LEDs that say they're full spectrum. Im not saying they won't work alone. Just work better as a combo. Im sure there's a lot of mix feelings about this subject. This is just my opinion from what Ive learned first hand. Probably just wild conjecture and bullsh*t
Yes you can share Vlad... You'll need my address, lol....
Ill have a small update on the Cheese Quake in the morning. Like the bumper sticker I saw today. Ill be Bach(had photo of the composer on it). Anyways my retarded ass will talk to you guys in the morning
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After lights on ill have an update on the Cheese Quake.
Update 24 February 2016:
Veg time: start of week 2
Daytime temperature: 78-84 RH:70%
Nighttime temperature: 68-71 RH: 70-75%


So far Ive topped her once, and removed 3 sucker shoots(lower branches that probably won't amount to much). The reason I did this was to redirect its energy to the top. If you're going to remove any branches I highly recommend using a razor. Not scissors or you pinching off a branch. Think about it like this. Would you rather get surgery done with a dull blade? Someone's finger? Or would you prefer something razor sharp? I personally feel it doesn't stress the plant out as much when using a razor as opposed to scissors, but this may just be one if those personal preferences.

Now there's 4 main tops, and here in a few days ill top them as well. I won't top them till after I feel they've healed enough. Now this time frame will probably vary from person to person. Some will say wait 3 days or a week. I personally wait 1 full week before cutting on her again. If your plant has a healthy root system then you can be a little more aggressive if you want, but I like to wait. Basically if the roots are strong enough then these plants can take a hell of a beating. Its just a personal preference really. Since I alwAys wait to prune anything on a watering day anyways(watering promotes growth).

A little later ill be posting step by step on how I cloned these. My goal is to have every person who visits this journal to walk away with something new or insightful. Doesn't mean it'll happen, but here's to wishing :volcano-smiley:
Here's a small tip that Im sure most already know. Whenever you have to work in your grow room during lights out. You should have a green cfl or LED. Your plants don't use anything from this spectrum. Think of it as moon light. We know a plants light period isnt affected by moon light what so ever. Here's an example, its the one I use & it cost about $3.45.

Ill upload the photos to the cloning in the morning, and go over what,why, and how. To be completely honest Im beat lol.
As promised here's step by step on how I clone.

Items needed:
1. Root riot plugs
2. Holding trays
3. Tappin roots(n-0.01,soluble potash(k20)-0.01, Ca- 2%)
4. Rooting gel(whatever you prefer)
5. Plastic butter knife
6. Trimming scissors
7. Razor Blade
8. Spray bottle
9. Ball of twine(optional)
10. Your cuttings in water so they don't dry out

Ok first thing I did was mix up the Tappin roots@1tsp per half gallon(pH'd to 6.5) I like to soak my root riot plugs in this mixture while Im getting everything ready. Only have to pour enough to fill the bottom of a saucer.

Next I take 1 of my cuttings from out of the water


Next we take the razor blade and trim the bottom 2 nodes off, the node right above my thumb, then I cut a 45° angle off at the bottom, take your razor and gently scrape the bottom inch or so of the outer skin off , & last I take the the trimming scissors and trim the leaves to about 1" in diameter. Make sure you leave at least 1 node at or near the bottom. Roots grow faster out of the node.


Next I take out one of the Rroot riot plugs & make a tiny slit in it. You don't have to do this, but I like to do this from keeping any rooting gel from getting rubbed off.

Next I take the plastic butter knife and spread the rooting gel onto the node,45° angle and the part we scraped off. Then stick it in the root riot plug. I like to take some twine and tie it around it, so it stays nice and snug.


Then I place them into the holding trays, mist them with water, and then I placed them inside my propagation tray. Stuck the dome on & set my heating mat to 83°. You can also see from the photo i also placed 1 OG Kush seed(from same stock of my last Kush), and 2 OG Kush x Da purps seeds(my own crosses)

I hope some of this was informative, enjoy.

This is the OG Kush I was speaking of. I crossed it with Da Purps, & have seeds from it. Its not living anymore. Hope the seeds i planted gives me the female version. I think it'll be a magnificent specimen. The fan leaves were bigger than a piece of computer paper held sideways. I need to find that photo

This is the OG Kush I was speaking of. I crossed it with Da Purps, & have seeds from it. Its not living anymore. Hope the seeds i planted gives me the female version. I think it'll be a magnificent specimen. The fan leaves were bigger than a piece of computer paper held sideways. I need to find that photo

Beautiful plant! I love the big 9 fingered leaves! Got one of these going on in my tent right now, can't wait to see what she does.
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