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For cancer! Turn Crumble Wax into effective oral dose?

Bud Diggler

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My sis n laws grandma has cancer pretty bad. This could be the only thing that could help. I have seen many cancer cases fought with liquid THC oil and having stunning success.

I have an ounce of crumble wax. Its goldish in color. How do I turn that into an oral dose that is effective??

Please help.



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Sorry buddy but we are not doctors. You wont find great advice here on that and a few small doses of cannabis wont solve anything. I will PM a guy who knows his shit on this stuff and see if he will ring in but the fact is the only thing is to start a grow and make a bunch of weed and cook it down to concentrate. Whatever you have on hand wont be enough.

Sorry to hear about this. I wish you and yours the best!

If you want to start growing your own then I will help you step by step. Just PM me or if you can't post again here and I will PM you and help you set up a place where I can show you how to make your medicine.



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Hello Bud Diggler, VI is correct, your wax is only good for smoking. The first thing you need to do is read the first couple of pages in the links below, get to know what CCO is. Ask your questions in these two journal, here is the links.

How To Make Concentrated Cannabis Oil
Cannabis Oil Dosing Tutorial - Tacking Method

THC/CBD will kill cancer cell, read up on what I have linked you to and be ready to ask questions by taking notes as you read. There are a lot of people ready to help but you must read, read, read.

Good luck and I'll be talking to you soon :love::cco::love:
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