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For Carbondale, A Decisive Day On Pot Rules

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In a sharp departure from the direction taken by their Garfield County counterparts, the Carbondale Town Trustees are leaning toward allowing recreational marijuana businesses.

Tonight, they'll consider nearly 40 "decision points" on how to regulate the industry.

In a meeting dedicated almost entirely to discussion of the emerging recreational marijuana industry, the trustees will weigh in on such questions as to whether they should allow recreational businesses to locate under the same roof as existing medical marijuana dispensaries, and where, exactly, pot smoking should be banned in public.

The Colorado state constitution bans "open and public" consumption of the drug, but doesn't specify precisely what those terms mean.

Another pressing question recently outlined in a memo from the town attorney is whether recreational pot businesses should be required to locate at least 500 feet from schools, drug and alcohol treatment facilities, or other recreational pot businesses.

Taxation also is on the table: the town of Carbondale will ask residents in the Nov. 5 election whether to impose a tax of 5 percent on both wholesale pot grows and retail shops. Those taxes would come on top of the town's existing 3.5 percent sales tax, and on top of a statewide 10 percent sales tax on retail shops and a 15 percent excise tax imposed on wholesale pot growers.

The application fees, operating fees and operating hours that will apply to Carbondale's recreational pot business also are up in the air.

The town has until Oct. 1 to finalize its recreational marijuana rules. On that date, the state will begin accepting applications for recreational licenses from existing medical marijuana dispensaries. Medical providers have a nine-month head start on the recreational market before new businesses can apply for licenses.


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