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(for fun) Top 10 Best Cannabis Myths


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Top 10 Myths about Marijuana:

Stoned drivers suck.
Not really. We may be somewhat paranoid, but we tend to focus intently on the task of driving and arrive home safely as a result. We recommend not driving while you smoke. Wait until you are no longer potentially impaired. How long is that? You’ll know. Not long. Just be honest with yourself and be safe.
Marijuana makes you hungry.
Ok, yes, most of the time. But many specific strains are potent enough to drive focus towards tasks and thoughts other than eating. The best cannabis has even been known to Suppress the appetites of whole groups of talkative patients! One’s experience will always depend on the strain of marijuana smoked, time of day, and mood. The concept of set and setting are important to cannabis patients. The mindset of the patient and the environment in which the cannabis is used will always play a part in the end result experience. If you think you’ll get the munchies, you will. If you don’t, maybe you’ll forget about food altogether and express your energy through art or writing or dance. How will you choose to expend your energy?
Stoned people are lazy.
Uh, no. For many people, cannabis can direct their focus and allow for creative, productive days filled with good quality work, all the while offering a sense of overall physical and emotional well being. A little attention paid to which strains of marijuana result in focus rather than apathy will go a long way in determining the path of your day. What will you do when your life is enhanced with cannabis?
Pot today is stronger than in the 1960′s.
Let’s face it, most black market mid-grade cannabis has been the same since lids were handed out by dudes with tinted glasses listening to Fleetwood Mac. Top grade medicinal cannabis sold in dispensaries in California and Colorado can be much stronger than your daddy’s pot, but in the medicinal case you know exactly what you are getting. Sometimes the THC percentage for flowers can top 20%. Smart ganja users just titrate by smoking less, getting the same “high”, saving money, reducing energy consumption, reducing harm to their bodies, and smiling much, much more. Concentrated cannabis such as hash, kief, ganeesh crystals, koil,hash oil, and silly puddy is produced so that patients may use only a small amount of the medicine while attaining maximum physical benefit. Smart!
Smoking marijuana will give you lung cancer.
Dr. Donald Tashkin studied this subject and found the opposite to be true. Smoking marijuana can actually protect one’s lungs in the case of simultaneous tobacco smoking.
Smoking dope kills sperm and destroys sex drive.
Scary, right? The truth is that in studies of human beings the scientific community continually fails to prove that marijuana harms our ability to reproduce. Smoking a joint would in fact be terrible birth control. As for sex drive, some people report an increase in sexual drive from heavy use of cannabis, while others feel a decrease in libido. Plenty of babies are born healthy into the cannabis community, so, umm, keep your hats on, gentlemen.
Smoking chronic makes you forgetful.
If we step into the mind of a person influenced by cannabis, we see that the mind races and joyfully springs forth new ideas constantly. If the marijuana smoker tries to speak, inevitably the tongue will trip on the fast flowing river of ideas. Going upstream to retrieve an old idea, even from only a moment ago, can seem difficult because new ideas are flowing all the time. The hiccup can often be resolved and the memory can be retrieved moments later, but that single lapse is often misperceived by non-cannabis users as evidence of brain inactivity. In fact, quite the opposite. We are actually having too many thoughts to speak clearly. Advanced cannabis users get over this problem pretty quickly and can speak and work with ease, even while smoking a joint.
Using cannabis makes you artistic and creative.
No, art and creativity are within you all the time. Cannabis can help you realize your full potential by revealing your complete self to you. Eventually, you won’t need the shortcut to unlock the creativity and art from within you. For some, marijuana can become a handicap, perhaps even dulling their ability to reach their full potential. We recommend using just enough, but not too much, if any at all.
Most Americans get their weed from Mexico.
Nope. Homegrown rules the game. Sure, we’ve all seen plenty bags of Mexican brick weed full of sticks, stems, seeds, and Goodness knows what else. Americans smoke that schwag because they have no other choice. Even the worst homegrown cannabis is far superior to any outdoor marijuana I’ve seen from Mexico. With just a little skill and some tender love and care, Americans can easily grow all the marijuana we will ever need. Mexican dope is only here because of prohibition, and it speaks to the size of the American market as citizens yearn for a safer alternative to alcohol and tobacco. Buy American to make Mexico safe again. Prohibition creates violence. A regulated marijuana market for responsible adults would eliminate drug violence related to marijuana.
Marijuana is a scary, dangerous drug.
First of all, nobody has ever died from a ganja overdose. Never. People around the world overdose on aspirin each day. Aspirin. Yet nobody dies from pot. Is marijuana completely safe? For most people, Yes. Some people with a propensity towards schizophrenia may exacerbate that tendency by smoking marijuana, especially when the patient is under age 18. Most other people find cannabis to be a mild consciousness altering drug which is to be respected and used sparingly. Some people are able to utilize cannabis daily as an herbal therapy and still function in society by holding down jobs, paying taxes, and even raising children. For such patients, marijuana is seldom, if ever, a party drug. For them, marijuana helps with muscle relaxation, for example, which allows them to work and be productive, happy citizens. Most people use cannabis a few times in their life and that’s it. No big deal. Some people get addicted. Know yourself, be honest with yourself, and you will be All Right in your relationship with cannabis sativa. Simple enough.
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