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I currently have 4 og kush at just over ten weeks flowering, a friend of mine said if i want to make them finish faster to turn the light down to 9 hrs then a week later 7 hrs,he says this makes them finish in a hurry,, does anyone know if this is true or is good old 12/12 the best way to go

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The Diminishing Lighting Schedule

The diminishing fall schedule begins with an evenly halved light schedule, using 12 hours for the first two weeks to trigger the plant into bloom, and then further reducing the lighting for increasing darkness time by one half hour every week.

The final week of flowering will provide the plants with a mere nine hours of light, with 15 hours of darkness, forcing a resulting final explosive hormonal buildup. This sends the plant into blooming overdrive and produces resin far beyond the normal plant’s limits.
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Hadn't hear that either but makes sense if you think about it as the growing season gets shorter outside your girls get less sun lite hope it works keep us posted if you do it
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