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Foreign English Teachers Busted For Hash

Jim Finnel

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Six native English instructors from a well-known language institute in Gangnam were arrested for smoking hashish, an illegal narcotic. Some of the teachers allegedly taught students while high on the drug.

A 24-year-old Canadian instructor allegedly bought the drug from a source in a bar popular with foreigners in Itaewon after moving to Korea in 2005. The teacher is said to have smoked the drug five to six times a week.

The teacher also allegedly bought from W2 million to W30 million worth of hashish, enough for 20 uses, and resold or gave it to other instructors and his Korean girlfriend.

Six of 14 native English instructors at the school were arrested. The arrested allegedly showed up at work and gave English lessons to young children after smoking the drug.

"They smoked hashish openly at birthday parties, on the banks of the Han River, in bars in Itaewon and in clubs near Hongik University," police said.

Two Korean girlfriends of the instructors were also arrested for smoking the drug.

Police suggested that qualification checks for the E-2 visa for foreign English teachers be strengthened by requiring a health inspection or a drug test in addition to checking diplomas.

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