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Former Supervisor At Private Prison Charged With Smuggling


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A former supervisor at a private minimum security prison in eastern Kentucky was arrested Wednesday and charged with smuggling marijuana to inmates.

Rodney Trowbridge, 47, turned himself in at the Beattyville Police Department early Wednesday morning. He was charged with four counts of first-degree promoting contraband stemming from incidents dating back to last November at the Lee Adjustment Center.

Jeffrey Todd Tomblin, one of the inmates who allegedly received the shipments, was also charged. Tomblin was moved to the Green River Correctional Complex in May.

"We have zero tolerance for this type of activity at the Lee Adjustment Center," said Warden Randy Stovall.

Trowbridge had worked at the prison since February 1997. He oversaw basic adult education classes for inmates working toward their GEDs, night school for some college courses and four vocational classes.

Investigators said he was able to supply inmates with marijuana by dropping it off at a designated spot in the prison library or in a trash container next door.

Stovall said he became aware of the allegations of drug smuggling around February and notified state police and investigators with Operation UNITE, a multi-county drug task force in eastern Kentucky.

Trowbridge successfully smuggled marijuana into the prison on at least three occasions, in November 2005 and January and February of this year, authorities said.

He resigned in April after authorities confronted him about the allegations, though they put off arresting him at the time to continue their investigation.

Trowbridge was getting paid about $500 for each package he allegedly smuggled, about twice the street value for marijuana, said Mike Luttrell, who heads UNITE's investigations in the Kentucky River area.

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Source: Kentucky.com
Pubdate: 1 November 2006
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