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Found some mold


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Actually it depends on what you like.

She's a 4-way cross. she started out as Oxacan Sativa, crossed with Durban Poison, also Sativa, Then she was crossed with Pakistani Hash Plant, Indica, and finally crossed back again with the original Oaxacan Sativa. 10 weeks of flowering.

The effect is mellow, but energetic. She does not leave you on the couch. I took two hits, and that was good enough for me. I was able to work and think all day. Tastes ok, and she is NOT harsh at all. I like it! I think the taste will improve as it cures. Will have more pics and updates.


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ok guys,

Here is some more semi trimmed bud. it will receive an aditional trim to get rid of as much leaf as possible

If you're wondering why some of the bud is still hanging, that's because the stuff i am trimming was washed and fan dried, do to its proximity to the bud with mold, so it dried a little quiicker, still not fully dried though. Meanwhile, it is all starting to stink skunky.


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The information seems conflicting. Nivek’s article says that PM infected plants should be binned. Since the spores are microbial I assume that PM will have spread to everything in a grow area even if it isn’t visible. Based on what is written the entire grow should be thrown out. It talks about prevention as being the best cure, but offers nothing in way of addressing the problems after they have presented themselves.

I’ve read a number of articles about how to deal with mold, but none of them particularly scientific. I’ve had PM in the last two grows. Apple cider vinegar kills it. It’s also good for preventing it. PM can’t exist on an acidic surface. I’m still very nervous about the whole thing.

Anyone recommend any more articles that address mold and mildew and what to do about them?

Well there's a ton of information out there on this intrusive pest.

Growing in a clean room without soil is well plain bs to me.

Seriously we've been growing plants in soil for 10s of thousands of years. Most all the really bad pathogens come from other animals not from the bacteria and fungi that make the world grow around.

The way I understand PM and Mold is that they are NOT harmful to humans unless you are allergic and that is very uncommon. Ever walk outside and look around. Mold and PM are everywhere.

The testing for mold and PM is not done in a lab for testing of cannabis for human consumption. Cannabis is tested for pesticides and fungicides that ARE harmful to humans. There are plenty bad fungicides out there that are being used on Cannabis.

I have good experience with:

Serenade - start early in VEG and follow label directions. Its not harmful and is a bacteria that kills PM and is systemic in plants meaning it works on contact AND from the inside out.

Green Cure - its an organic fungicide made from Potassium Bicarbonate.

Weak solution of peroxide and RO water - this works but has to be used frequently like every other day which is a PITA with several plants. This is my go to.

Humidity control - RH in flower 35-50%RH

Cleanliness - probably the biggest cause. Human contamination thru contact with your plants. We dont have to take a shower a put on clean clothes to garden but cleanliness is always a good thing right? Wash your hands and your tools take your shoes off when you come in the house. Basic stuff.

I found the best cure is to keep it from happening. Once you see the powdery mildew thats the fruit like a mushroom. Take a look at you leaves under a microscope. I've found I gotta get to like +400x to see the mycelium forming.

So foliar on an IPM weekly and include Serenade or Green Cure. Several pronged approach is best. I add Pro-tekt which is silica and toughens up the waxy layer on leaves which the molds and PM have to penetrate for food source.

Sulfur and Copper - I haven't used these yet but they are very effective from what I've read.

UV light - dangerous to human eye sight. I've used this to disinfect my grow space. Put a UV bulb in a reflector so you dont look at it, shine it around the grow space, only needs a few to 10 seconds exposure it kills spores and molds and mildew and bacteria as well. Shine the lamp away from your eyes hold it closer to the ground and your plants and just move it thru the space at a nice even pace. Takes me about 5 minutes max to do my whole grow room.

I've had every pest imaginable. PM is a tough one to get rid of. Very tough. Requires a lot of vigilance.

Bytritis (bud rot/grey mold) is fairly easy to get rid of. Do your IPM weekly and its not an issue. IF you're growing big ass cola plants try and manage your RH. Outdoors grow mold resistant strains.

Here's a good youtube vid on molds and PM. Take note of the guest speaker, he's smart guy been studying this stuff for a while. Also for other resources check out Cornell University. Turns out the grape industry has problems with mold and PM and Cornell has been working with the grape industry here in upstate NY for many years. The Green Cure stuff is from a professor from Cornell.

So here's the link to the vid - its long but very informative. If you dont or never had PM prolly not that interesting.



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What are we looking at?

Bytritis - aka "bud rot"

Caused by humidity and spores and temps all in a perfect storm. I had it 1x and added horsetail fern tea to my weekly IPM and never had it again after that.

I stopped using the Horsetail fern tea in the late fall/winter early spring and started getting PM last fall. So I'm back with it in my weekly IPM. My issues are under control.

I've found with Bytritis its good to foliar on the horsetail fern tea in VEG and specially early flower so that the spores are kept in check when the flowers are forming. If the spores are in the flowers its just a matter of time until conditions inside the flower are ripe for mold to grow from the spores.

I've been using Serenade for the PM in VEG as well. I spray that on a different day from my IPM.

Many of the organic treatments for mold and PM are based on bacteria that are beneficial to plants and help colonize the root zone.

Bacillus subtilis - is the active ingredient in Serenade

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens - active ingredient in Southern AG garden friendly fungicide.

Both of these are beneficial to plants in the root zone and will also colonize systemically inside the plants to fight off pests and disease. These are actually helpful for plant growth in that they live symbiotically with roots of plants and help plants grow and defend pests.

Good read on B. Subtilis and how these bacteria are helpful. Please note these are not "cures".


Bacillus subtilis: A plant-growth promoting rhizobacterium that also impacts biotic stress
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