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Fourth week and the hairy white pistils are turning yellow!


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I'm growing hydro, using rock wool and have a tent...My plants are in the fourth week of flower...I've used aqua flakes a and b... A friend, who is a grower for many years, says that he doesn't ph his water...mine is high (ph) and I stuck with his advice.... now, the leaves are twisting upwards at the top, near the buds on a few of my plants and on some others I've noticed that the fuzzy white pistils are turning yellow! Should I worry?
I also have powdery mildew and placed a fan in the room, burned some matches but it didn't help...Is neem oil okay this late into flower???
Thanks for any suggestions.


wow 382 veiws and know help kinda makes me wonder if this was a good idea joining this forum well friend i am new to growing and am thinking without having a calibrated ph tester i might just have the same problem at the tops of my plants but i have no powdry mildew a few of my pistils have turned sligtly amber only a select few on my small ass buds but tbf i am only four weeks in and hoe my babys fill out soon did u get this problem fixed or is still occurring


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hope this helps
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