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Fox Farm Nutrient Schedule


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First timer with DWC here... doing Fox Farm nuts and I started them at 25% of the recommended after the first 11 days of being just h2o and Hydroguard. Looking at some other forums and journals, I’ve read that PPM during the Vege state (~1-4weeks) should be between 300-700, but on the Fox Farm schedule it is between 840-1540 at full strength. So where should it be? I don’t want to get it too high, but I want them to have enough nuts.

Also, When should I be going to full strength on the nuts?

Today I did a water change and did the new water for the second week at: 25% strength of Big Bloom & Grow Big, plus Hydroguard and adjusting for PH, I’m at around 320PPM.

It’s been 18-19 days since they sprouted. I think they look good, but I’m not 100% sure as I’m new at this!



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Thanks for the conversion! I’m still learning about PPM and EC. My EC values are around 1.3, using tap water and the nutrients, Hydroguard and PH down. I wasn’t even quite sure how to use the EC value, I’ve just been recording it, so I’ll look more into that now.


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Speaking of tap water, what's in it is as important as how much is in it. You can have it tested (be sure to run the water for at least 30 seconds before taking a sample or, for that matter, before filling up the jugs to go feed/water your plants), but you can get an "average ballpark" type idea from taking a look at the water quality report that's published annually (if you're on a municipal water system in the USA, not sure how often other countries' water departments publish their test results).
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