Fox tailing: need some advice


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We are starting week 8 of flower. Both plants are Durban Poison by EC Genetic. Identical environment, nutes, everything. For some reason, the one on the right has a number of buds fox tailing. The other, none. Any ideas as to why?
Canna coco in 5 gal fabric pots
Organic dry amendments by Gaia Green Organics
320 watt PanthrX Mini V1
30 minutes per day of UVB by Solacure
Temp 78/ RH 45-50%



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Fox tail caused by two things. Number one reason is in the Genetics. Number two is high heat. If one is doing it and not the other and they are the same strain, then it would be number one Genetics. Still should smoke good and taste good if grown right. Some genetics are temperature sensitive mainly for the reason of what region they came from while others can care less. All the fun stuff you learn from the strains you grow. Kind of like the P/M prone strains out there are typically from a region with dry climate and the P/M resistant strains tend to come from humid regions. Best of luck to you I wish you the best take care..


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in my opinion,, foxtailing is from being too close to the lights,, perhaps that causing too much heat as well, but does not have to be too much heat

too close will cause foxtailing


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i always liked the looks of fox tailing. most of the time, it's just who she is. or heat?


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i would say no,, the foxtail buds themselves can be very stalky,, very,, little buddage, lotto stalk

but some strains foxtail a bit naturally, sativas can

one little thing about some foxtails,, the little buds themselves,, they get to grow free, no crowding kinda,, so the little buds are actually very nice,, covered all round with trikes,, can be anyway
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Hi guys. I'd like to share a pic of a plant I have growing. It's a good example of foxtailing and calyx swelling. The seed was from Kandy Kush, Trainwreck x OG. Lots of tropical sativa there. I'm giving it 11/13 so it will finish.


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