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FoxFarm's Ocean Forest Mix - temp ROLS sub


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Eventual goal being ROLS, I have some clones in rockwool that need to go into soil. I've put together a 3:1:1 relative mix of Fox Farm's Ocean Forest (FFOF), Root's Organic 100% earthworm castings (EWC), Growstone GS-1 aeration stone (largest available). I also had some leftover Coco Coir, so I threw that in there for water/nutrient retention. Also as a calcium additive, I'm using ~5 cups of finely crushed egg shells (as finely as a hammer can get 'em!).

My 30gal Mix
*15gal FFOF
*5gal EWC
*5gal stone
*5gal Coco
*5cups Egg Shells

I plan on feeding them ACT every 3rd watering. 24+ hr. bubble, no tea-bag, hand-water

ACT VEG - 1 gal water
*2tbsp. EWC
*1tbsp. Molasses
*1tbsp. BioWeed (Liquid Seawed -- Is this organic? Organic to me = Won't harm the soil/plant/me)
*1/2tbsp. Liquid Karma (Botanicare -- Again, organic?)
*1tbsp. Guano - Either High N (once @ 4 weeks) or High P (once @ last ACT before FLOWER)

A little about my environment.. I'm growing for myself, medically, in Colorado. I have two 4'x2' VEG rooms, one for teens/mothers allowing unlimited vertical growth with a 240W G8LED Full-Spectrum and one 36" tall allowing a 4' 4bulb T5 to hang a maximum of 32" above the floor for cloning. My FLOWER room is 4'x8' with two 450W G8LED Bloom-Only. Fresh air is readily available through the window in on one of the 8' walls. I get my water from a fresh water creek @ 8500' elevation. Humidity in the room averages 55% and temperature 75degF. You know my medium.

I suppose my question is mostly about what I am missing, what I could substitute, and eventually suggestions to build an actual Recycled Organic Living Soil.

Are Fox Farm soils (specifically Ocean Forest) appropriate/adequate/organic enough for what I'm trying to do?

I have a basic understanding of a soil-less mix, then a nutrient mix, as well as ACT. I'm more of a mathematics nerd than biology geek so the whole NPK thing kind of makes sense from a mathematical perspective, but not so much biologically. Like I said, building my own ROLS is my eventual goal.

Any help, suggestions, or flames for being a NOOB are welcome.. so long as it's productive criticism. I've done a lot of research, with a lot more ahead of me.. just poking around for some friendly advice. Thanks ahead of time!


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I don't have the answers you seek, but have the same questions you ask. I'm in Washington State, setting up a small personal grow to produce my own high quality CBD meds. Maximum yield is not my goal at all. I simply want to produce the highest quality, highest potency, highest terpene level CBD flowers I can grow.

As I am new to the area, I was not able to bring my decade old compost pile cross country, so I'm starting fresh here. In order to approximate the organic soil I will end up with, I'm mixing FF Happy Frog and FF Ocean Forest 1:1 for a simple first time mix.

I just started my earthworm box, but have six months of composting/rotting food scraps in my current compost pile to get them going. For some reason, this compost bin has never reached any sort of composting temps, but I truthfully haven't had any time to put any effort into it, and now I'm more interested in the worms than paying attention to my traditional pile.

As this is a new operation, I'm not actually going 100% organic with ferts because I simply haven't built up the ability to do it myself here as well as I should. So this time around, I will be using the basic 3 part Fox Farm nutrient bottles, supplemented with sea week extract and my own earthworm casting tea I'm makin from some really awesome locally produced castings.

I'm amused because the last time I seriously grew cannabis indoors was in the early 90's, using all chemical ferts. But since then, I've been an organic vegetable and flower gardener for the past 20 years. Your well researched plan to grow is almost exactly what I've been doing in my garden and plan to continue with cannabis. It's nice to see that what organic stuff works for everything else outdoors works with cannabis indoors.

Good luck to you and I will hope that this thread produces meaningful discussion. The only frustration I have here is that the most well thought out, detailed threads and questions often get the least response. But when someone who knows their stuff finally does come along, you'll get good advice.
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