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France — why marijuana still scares?


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Yo guyz,

International news here!

Compare to others countries, Marijuana is still evil in France

Have u smoked weed in France before?



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im born and bred in london and have a good network of growers over in the uk, can get top drawer bud from a number of good friends and never felt scared about growing a bit of personal as knew if the worst came to the worse i would get a caution and a slap on the wrist. never felt anyway about smoking when out either!
so anyway i moved to a very mountainous and secluded part of france two years ago. i still have nowhere to buy weed. could probably get my hand on some shitty soap bar from the towns an hour away but i would never smoke that stuff.
anyway i was at a music festival last year way down south and i lit up a joint that i had to get sent to me and the looks and comments i got from the french locals made me uneasy, they were talking about getting security so i moved into the crowd, im talking late at night at a hip outdoor festival and people are looking at me like im a serial killer! i was shocked.
its unreal here and what i have found is that its the older generations that smoke it and the younger for the most part frown upon it.
i have always been open about my smoking but here???? no i keep my mouth shut and smoke way up on my land or in the house.
whats more is i have two friends who are big smokers, i thought we had a good thing going and they got me a couple of half decent drawers when i was desperare. however they will not put me in touch with a dealer despite knowing numerous! my wife even had a friend in the city who smoked but when she asked for a contact she basically refused. im actually speechless and was enfact talking to my wife about how bizzarre this all is! i live in weed land, everyone grows, im 3 hours drive from spain but alas its like getting blood out of a stone!
i have insomnia and anxiety and 3grams a week is all i need!
i love the french, i live in paradise my wife is french but i dont mind saying the french need to pull their heads out their asses when it comes to weed!
not been back in london for over 6 months but im heading back for a week next week and i shall have some nice high grade waiting for me from good friends whom understand my predicament!

sort it out people of france.
as i say its all around but noone will share the love no matter how good a friend you think they have become and you dare ask for a contact......your the devil!
i know a guy who grows 200 plants every year of not the greatest weed! i have shared a joint with him but he wont even sell or give me a bud!!! unreal and it makes me pretty fuckin angry if im
to be honest!

i hope things change but for the moment i may aswell be in saudi arabia as far as the good herb goes
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