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France Outdoor/Indoor Bag Seed - Soil - Plagron Nutrients


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Hi every one, this is the first time I record a grow journal. Ive got a"Mandala Hashberry" mother grown outdoor and no idea about the father :O!! (got polinized)

Good smoke, hope it all will be good, Irie I & I Jah love :peace::420:

What strain is it?
Bag seed, ( Half hashberry / unknown).

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
Seems more indica so far..

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
seedling about to veg

If in Veg... For how long?
Germinated on different times, but from 10 to 8 days of life.

Indoor or outdoor?
It was for 5 days indoors, and for about 5 days its been getting used to going outdoor from 4, and +2 hours every
day. And the rest of the time, in the basement.

Soil or Hydro?

If soil... what is in your mix?
Its about 60% organic pot soil, Ph 6.8 and no fertilizer. 20% horse manure and 20% BioBizz Humus. (I will add some perlite/Vermiculite or coco when transplanting because I couldnt get it yet)

If soil... What size pot?
10 pots of 11 liters (Some will be in pots, some directly in the soil, its all the same mix but If they get to big, I will transplant the pot ones in the soil where I have a small "greenhouse" with all the soil mixed in it.

Size of light?
When indoors, they are under 2 Fluoros 36 watt "Cool light" and 1 36 watt "Warm light",

Is it aircooled?
Besides a Fan which keep the air moving in the room, and makes them dance a bit nothing else. (since they are small, im hoping they wont lack Co2)

Temp of Room/cab?
Outdoors, ranges from 7c (Lowest night) . to 28c (hottest day). Indoors 24c. constantly. (I move them in and out when the temperature its closer)

RH of Room/cab?
No idea, dont have a Higro. yet :/

PH of media or res?
water is 6.5 to 7 ( I have 2 different water sources).

Any Pests ?
Nothing yet, besides insects that feel the love and come closer to get some.

How often are you watering?
Pretty much every day, they get about 14 hours of humidity, and for the rest a bit dryer (never completly)

Type and strength of ferts used?
-ATA Root fast (1ml/L) Full strenth since day 1.
-BioBizz Fish emultion (2.5ml/L) 50% strength since yesterday
-Humus Tea (BioBizz humus) As watering product (PH 6.5 to 7)
-Plagron Start Up (Once, 2 days ago, (2ml/L) about 1/3 strength.

That so far, and in about 4 days(if they keep on going well) I will start with a Plagron nute program:
-Alga Grow
-Alga Bloom
-Start Up
-Green Sensation
All according to the scheme.

And I will mix some Guanokalong in its due time as well :)!

Well, This is about it I will post some pictures soon, peace people, be positive!:peace:


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Re: France Outdoor/Indoor Bag seed -//- Soil -//- Plagron Nuts.

Nutes: That plus the ATA Power Root, and fish Emultion (couldnt be bothered to go get em :O).

4 Days of life, old Initial Setup

4 Days of life Close Up

5 Days old


6 days old


7 days old


8 Days old


New Setup

As of today, 9 days old




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Some pictures, 10 days old :D !! So happy to see the sun, specially with 23c. to 32c. as lowest and highest temp. Feeded them today with Fish Oil, 1/2 strength (2.5ml/L), ATA Root Power full strength (1ml/L), and Start up 1/2 strength (3.5ml/L). And plenty of light & love





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Today I bought Light Mix BioBizz soil, Perlite and coco+vermiculite for the transplant soil. I PH'ed the water I was using and its about 7.5, I got my Hygro finally and my indoor RT is about 55% 60%. So its all coming along little by little.


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2 weeks from seed, Days have been hot but not too much, around 28c. to 31c. Just moved them to the basement for some extra light at night. I think soon I will translplant them and let them sleep outside since temperature isnt getting lower than 10c.!!

Todays happy shopping

Fisrt Foliar feed with Plagron Vita start, 1/2 strength.

Sexy lady

New stem its looking good, when transplanted I might cover the Intial stem with soil!!

Things are getting to small for them big young'ns.
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glad to hear my friend! gonna be a good journal ;)

Hope so as well !! Let jah bring love upon those childs. peace, and thanks for good vibes.


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Re-Upload of nutes I will be using (+BioBizz Fish Oil, & ATA Power Roots)



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Update for today, 13 days old.

Transplanted some, in a bed I did couple months ago with horse manure, vermiculite, humus & the soil in place, which is pretty alright.

These, males or females, will be on pots since they had the best genetics. (Thats why I germinated about 30 seeds, I pick at the end at least 7 to 10 strong sinsemillas, all males will perish and the other weaker females will be on the soil bed) I transplanted some of them as well into slightly bigger pots with the new soil mix, just to see how they do.

After doing a foliar dinner yesterday night, this morning some had stains (Im guessing its a residue from the feeding)

New set up, sturdier.

Situation going on with RH and temp.

Well, this is all for today, thanks for support, help and critics.
Love to ya'll, Irie


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Morning today, I'll let them get rained over, its their first time out for it, and since they will be ultimatedly outdoor plants, might as well get used to some mother's nature rain water.




I beleive some are getting Nute burns, or too much water... I do the same for all, but some like it better then others.


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After what it seemed to me to be nute burn, I decided to flush, they are recovering little by little I guess,not sure when to start with nutes again, but for now I will let the flush dry and maybe start with just water and 1/3 strength. :peace:





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:D! I will do that... It was a rushed desition to give them more nutrients!! Im going to transplant all of them soon as well, I think they can stay in those pots for some time, I dont have a root ball yet and only some roots are coming on the sides (On the inside of the pot).

Thanks for the reply dude, hope all is good!!


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Went to the shop today to buy some Rhizotonic, since following KingJhonC's advice, I will wait for some nodes to form!.

Them little ones, happy with their new light.


Nutes and meals :D



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After 1 day's rest after the flush, I gave them a mild solution of Rhizotonic with PH'ed water to 6.5. Hope it suits them well! They seem to love the new 85w. bulb as well :)

Peace, :cool027: Irie
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