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Frankenstein girls need help


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Im about 4 weeks in not counting germ time . DWB 15gl res. cfl/11x 26w 6500k
room is 2' x 5' . 3' ceiling 2.5 to 3" off top off plants. I have 24" for them to veg and bloom in . so space is limited
I have a fan going RH in the mid 40s. temp stays 68 to 72 . Lost one out 6 early on .
htey look really heathy and then I had to change fixtures oout I notice a little yellow on the edge of a couple of leaves only on two of then the bigger ones. all the rest look great .

That being said Ive been in 12/12 2weeks now with 6 200 watt 2700k ,2 23w 2500k ,3 26w 6500
ph yesterday was 5.8 ppm was 448 . .I only used DI water and so i can control whats in my Ns better.

I have PTSD and massive fear about posting this . but the ladies have help keep the monkeybrain away better.
if they stress I stress .
Any help would be great


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ph yesterday was 5.8

A little low perhaps? Somewhere around 6.5-7.0 imo would be better.

You vegged for two weeks then into 12/12 where you've been for 2 weeks-I think I have that right. I might have vegged for 4 additional weeks although if you did that to keep the height down I understand. You might want to consider tying them down instead or training them to grow more like a bush. You'd get better yield.

You mention yellow on some leaves-are you using nutrients? If over feeding that is usually a sign when this young.

You call them frankenstein girls that need help-what is your main concern?

Happy to try and help in any way.:peace:
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