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Frankie54's First Grow & Journal - Indoor with CFL Lighting - Summer 2014


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Hello All!

I am new to the forum and to growing as well. I started 4 seeds that were given to me and from those 4 seeds 2 plants grew and thrived. Unfortunately, I had to bite the bullet and chop off the head of the 1 plant yesterday after receiving verification from a couple of people that are members on this forum that it was a male. Thank you again for assuring me that those little balls were never going to turn into flowers no matter how much I wanted them to!

Well. here goes my first post to this grow journal.

Thanks in advance to anyone that has any advise for me.

What Strain is It?

I'm not sure. A friend gave me 4 random seeds and I ran with it. In my mind I've always thought Indica on this one. Just a gut feeling from some past life I guess because I really have no idea. I can see purple and a lemon hue to the deep green leaves. A very lush little plant. I think it is a safe bet to think the strain began in an area of the world that is tropical. Very rain foresty feel about it. This one also grew more stout, more full and more lush and much heavier than the other 1.

How Many Plants?

Well, there were 2 this morning but I got the confirmation that the one was a male so I chopped him down. Oh well.

Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage?

Right now in the beginning of flowering. She is showing little reddish and white hairs.

Vegetative Stage... How Long?

I planted the seeds on Easter sunday so that was April 20. They've been vegging along since then. Approximately 2 weeks ago I started 12/12 and added some lower Kelvin spectrum lighting to the higher K's I had going from the beginning.

Flowering Stage... How Long?

I guess we're in the pre-flowering phase with some hairs showing for a week or so.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Indoor grow using Miracle Grow potting soil mix in a 5 gallon plastic container.

Size (Wattage) of Light?

I now have what seems to be a lot of lights on this plant.
10 - 200 watt equivalent per CFL (2000 watt equivalent total). 6500k
5 - 150 watt equivalent per CFL. (750 watt equivalent total). 2700k

Is it Air Cooled?

I do have a couple of fans on it.

Temperature of Room/Cabinet?

With lights on approximately 95 degrees

PH of Medium or Reservoir?

Just shy of 7.0

Any Pests?

Just 1 big fly who pesters me more than the plant I think.

How Often are you Watering?

1/2 gallon a day.

Type and Strength of Fertilizers used?

Vegetative stage: Miracle Gro and/or KGro. 24-8-16 (1/2 tbsp. per 1/2 gallon water weekly)
Flowering stage: Miracle Gro Tomato Food. 18-18-21 (1/2 tbsp. per 1/2 gallon water every 2-3 days beginning last week.

Size or Square Footage of Room?

Footprint is 27" x 32" x 48" H

I do need to take a couple of clones. I found a long posting from Slowhand giving his method of using oasis. I happen to have some so his will be the method I use.


This is Esmeralda in her growing space. Footprint is 27" x 32" x 48" H. I have been training the branches to grow parallel to the ground. There are 8 separate branches that I have been training. The huge center branch is going to be hard to train. it is very thick.


This pic shows how the Y in the main stem was split awhile ago by accident on my part during training. I panicked a bit, smooched to back together and tied it. Those 2 branches are the strongest on the whole plant. After the split happened I did read somewhere that it is good to try to achieve this split but I would be a bit scared to try it on purpose!




I stumbled around with the lighting fixture and it finally ended up like this. I also use 2 clip on lights for the open front side of the space.

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