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Frank's Second Time Around - Ebb & Flo


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Hello 420 family!

Back again with another go at this whole growing thing lol. Been loving every minute of it and just trying to keep learing new things and to always remain teachable and thank you for all your knowledge 420 fam! I was always taught that if someone thought that they knew everything there is to know then that person has become obsolete. Well since i am still new to this world and new to growing i still have lots to learn so please friends and family all your knowledge is welcome.

Alright so onto my setup changed it a bit since my first grow. This time around i have kept 2 of my ladies that is have been vegging for about 2 months in 5.5 gallon pots with pro-mix media. Chemdawg and a headband. I cut about 20 clones from each of them. All have rooted and in a veg room at another location. Also 4 strains in an ebb & flo hydro setup all 4 are in 2 gallon smart pots feed twice a day with grodan grow cubes for media. All nukehead strains. The other 4 are og kush, blue dream, la con, nukehead. Started off with 9 ended with 6 due to root aphids on sum clones i received from a friend. Shouldve set them aside for about a week before tossing them into the mix. 3 of them caught the aphids. So tossed and decided to use nuke em from flying skull. Great product but fried my babies at normal strength. Was able to save them but damage did occur. Still put them into flower even tho the y dont look so good. We will see.

System :

2- 12 gallon hd totes.
1- 3x3 flood tray
4- 1" bulkhead fittings to connect the totes together
5 feet 1 " black tubing
1- 400gph inline water pump to connect to water chiller
1 - 1/10 hp water chiller
3/4" 10 feet black tubing
1- 250gph inline water pump/ connect to flood spout
4 - medium air stones.
2 - double outlet air pump under 40db
5 feet of black air tubing
1 - 200 gpd 4 stage ro system
hose clamps all around

will post pics after this post.
Then onto my lighting


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re: Frank's Second Time Around - Ebb & Flo


Will be posting more in a few of the updates.


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Alright so as for my lighting. I used to run a 1k mh and hps bulbs with a dimmable ballast. Decided to step it up with sum cob leds. started off with 5 vero 29 se 3500k 80 cri chips with passive heatsinks. wanted to run the glass lenses but just went with the angelina extra wide reflectors. tried wiring up to a 320-2100b driver could not power 5 at the amperage it was designed for. so decided to run only 4 for the mean time until i got another driver. once i got my other driver i was able to run 5 more chips with a 240-1400b at 50 watts per chip with the 320-2100b the chips run at 77watts per chip at max amperage. so i ran 9 chips for veg for about a month an in that process i ran into these qb 304 4k boards online and on this forum. so decided to order me a couple i did the math and decided to get me a 480-1750b driver to power 2 of these boards in series for about 200 watts per board @ full power. i know the max amperage rating is 1600ma but im thinking these boards can be pushed a little harder that the recommended rating. so we will see. i will be ordering a couple more boards for backups and maybe make another canopy. i cut out the framing from angled aluminum and used self tappers to piece together.


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Alright so here my veg tent. Got me a ebb & flo in here as well.

12gallon hd tote
1 single outlet air pump w medium air stone.
2 250 gph pumps
1 1/4 hp water chiller
2x2 flood table.
All 3/4 inch tubing.

The light is a 450 led full spec.
Got about 20 clones going right now. all are from my chemdawg and headband ladies.
Running botanicare prp line.
So we will see how this setup does.


Sum of these clones are from a master kush that I had waiting to be cut up into clones.


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I'm subbed up Frank. Know nothing of ebb n flow, am ready to learn!

What's up tunkers! Welcome!

Thanks for checkin out the journal. I'm learning as we go as well so if you think you can aid me in any way please feel free my friend!


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Alright so here is a little update on the flower room. It is 1 week exact into the flip. going into week #2.

got headband/ chemdawg/ og kush/ blue dream and la confidential o and also the nukeheads how can i forget about her. she never turned into a freak on me but the og kush did she gave me a 3 headed freak. here are some pics of the girls in flower they are really reaching for the light.


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the 1st pic is one of my nukeheads blueberry headband tops.
2nd pic is of my NH la confidential really stretching out.
3rd is a pic of the NH blue dream.
4th is a pic of the nukehead herself
5th is a pic of the og kush strain
and last but not least is my chemdawg really showing up the rest with her stretch. Beasting!!!


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Found out that nukeheads put out a new strain. Called the nukedaddy!
Its a cross between the nukehead and there ken estes gdp. So what did i do i bought 3 nukedaddy seeds and 2 gdp seeds. Also asked nukeheads themselves if i can do a grow for them for the nukedaddy and low and behold they will be sending me 5 reg nukedaddy seeds on top of what i had bought already so that is a win win forsure. Also got like 40 bucks off from my order with there coupon they got going on regtober30off and get 30 percent off your order of 100 or more. The nukedaddy seeds are reg seeds so it will be a prize if i get only a few males. Even with a male collect me sum pollen and make me sum seeds boyyyy!!!!!! So i will be making a nukeheads sponsored nukedaddy strain grow as soon as i receive the seeds i bought or if i get the sponsored seeds first either or.


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Did a rez change on both veg and flower rooms. Just wanted to share my nutrient line up for my ladies.
3 different custom nutrient feeding charts i have made. Adjusting my calmag and silica stepping those up a bit. These ladies photosynthesize very efficiently under these cobs/qbs.
My writing is very bad so any questions on the line up please feel free.
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