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Unfortunately due to a bad situation, I've landed myself on probation.
I've failed every test but one, and I'm only halfway through.
The one time I passed, I stopped smoking 6 days prior.
I filled a 32oz Nalgene water bottle with green tea (three bags to be exact).
I also bought a 32 oz. cleanse off PYDT.com, somehow I passed.
Even after getting sick off of half of the cleanse bottle.
I have another test coming up, and I'm hoping that cleansing in 4 days works just as well...
I bought a cleanse as well as what they call a "rescue" pill to take in the AM...
I'm really nervous, and stressing out.
But I managed to figure it out.
I hope this helps someone else who needs to pass a test.

Fingers crossed that I pass tomorrow.

(For the record, I'm only 120 lbs, and a female, so depending on your size you may need to change up the formula to cleanse longer)
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