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Barney's Farm just keep giving more and more to The Vault customers. They already give a free seed to all customers and a 2nd to all that spend over £50, now you can get another 10 Barneys Farm seeds if you spend over £200 at The Vault.

This is just insane!

Read the post, get a 15% discount code, learn more about this offer and of course there is a competition to win some BF seeds too!



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Another incredible offer!

The smartest seeds shopper is always trying to buy the highest quality seeds from a respectable breeder that is backed by someone showing how well they grow and a solid smoke report!

Barney's farm is packed full of quality and gives away lots of freebies - to make sure your growing season is always successful and cost effective!

G13 Haze & Glue Gelato are great crosses!

But don't forget the classics like Acapulco Gold, Dos Si Dos, Gorilla Zkittlez, Orange Sherbert, Peyote Cookies, and Blue Shark CBD!

Barney's Farm has a proven track record - and continues to impress!
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