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free equip

hey guys i got some free quipment from a friend, but im not sure how to set it all up or iff its even a complete setup lol he just gave me some used equipment he came across, i got pics that are pending aproval.

what all I got plus a little more:

1 resevior,
3 buckets with 2 sides that have holes on the bottom,
1 bucket that has one side with a hole on the botom,
2 med buckets,
2 larger buckets,
3 fish tank pumps (2 air,1 water)
1 extra hose (thats the size of the ones that are on the buckets),
1 long skinny hose(like the ones you see ppl making up the drip systems with),
2 of the fish tank cleaning pumps(the ones that hang on the top),
2 timers (one thats all set up too its own outlets)(1 electric timer),
some rockwool,
1 hose thats a larger clear fish hose....

well the pics will help you all see lol.


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No its not complete. You have no grow lights, ph/TDS meters,nutrients, fans,...

Its got enough equip for a small bubbler bucket grow.


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Free Equipment, Nice.


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sounds like a pretty cool friend
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