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Free Pot For Sick Kids: 'Leaf Of Hope' Donation Program Expands

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Seattle-based New Leaf Enterprises is seeking to expand its medical marijuana donation program for at-risk children with epilepsy and other conditions. Its "Leaf of Hope" program currently supports 30 families in the state with medical marijuana, which they receive free of charge after a physician referral. It's unchartered territory for the newly legalized marijuana industry in Washington state. And according to co-founder Dax Colwell, could be threatened if legislation next year doesn't clarify medical marijuana laws.

Currently, the law requires producers with an I-502 license to sell their medical products at the same tax rate as recreational marijuana, which is as high as 75 percent. "There is a possibility in the transfer to the 502 market, there may be no legal avenue for us to supply cannabidiol (the oil in marijuana) for families, which would be devastating for them," said Colwell. Christine Emineth said that without the donated products, her five-year-old daughter Trystyn wouldn't be able to access the medicine she needs to lead a normal life.

Her daughter has Dravet Syndrome, a form of intractable epilepsy without a cure. "She's walking and talking and laughing and running. Acting like a normal kid," said Emineth. "Before she was pretty drugged up." Her daughter, who has been taking medical marijuana since last year, has been weaned off one of her medications, Emineth said.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-pscyhoactive compound found in cannabis. New Leaf Enterprises sells medicinal products, which are high in CBD, under the name of Dàmà cannabis in over one hundred collectives in the state. A the same time, New Leaf Enterprises is seeking to sell in recreational shops soon, and as a preemptive move, is launching an aggressive billboard advertising campaign.

The campaign includes 15 billboards and advertising at major events in the coming weeks throughout the Puget Sound region. The ads feature Pacific Northwest lifestyle motifs, including a man with a beard and flannel shirt who is camping. While they don't market the Leaf of Hope program, the group hopes the popularity of their medical Dàmà cannabis products will transfer to the recreational market.


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This is a very good cause...I'm willing to grow and donate "FREE" high CBD medicine to this program...must be dispensed FREE also!

And, here's a Texas grower with epilepsy who is also VERY willing to grow and donate high CBD cannabis for Leaf of Hope.
Contact me.
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