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Free Tommy Chong!!!

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In a free society, a man should be free to do as he chooses so long as he
harms no-one. It is our firm belief that Mr. Chong has harmed no-one, and is
being unfairly targeted for prosecution because of his celebrity status. In
short, "this sucks", and we won't stand for it. Join our movement to stop
this travesty of justice! If you won't stand up for Tommy Chong, who will
stand up for you when YOU'RE being unfairly imprisoned??

Update 11/11/2003 - Finally a freaking update.

Email from Precious herself:

Thank you for all the support. I don't think my dad would mind getting a ton
of mail. His address in prison is

Tommy Chong #07798068
Unit A 4B
PO Box 7001
Taft CA 93268

As far as a fund. I'll verify it with my mom but I think it should go to the
bill to legalize drug paraphenilia so that at least my dad could get his
record cleared once he is out. Thanks for your support.
Precious Chong

We may now ALSO accept emailed messages that will be printed, and mailed to
Tommy in prison. No fee is charged, and please be advised that we will
reserve the right to censor anything that could get him in further trouble,
so send your email to: TommyChong@ FreeTommyChong.org and he will get your

For those of you who wish to mail him directly via postal mail, please refer
to the message above If you DO mail Tommy, please keep it clean and
professional. Let's not get him in more trouble than he's already in.

Additionally, I would like to take this time to remind you that you can
always contact your congressman about this. It never hurts to let them know
how you feel about this issue. They DO work for you, after all.

Finally, we have added a LOT of user email. Sorry folks for the slow update,
but there was somewhat of a shakedown over here lately. It seems that some
"authorities" would prefer that we were silent about this. Please don't let
them win.

- - Webmaster

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Spread the word!
If you know of any petitions to free Tommy Chong, forums dedicated to the
topic, Tommy Chong tribute sites, etc...,
Please let us know.

If you have designed a flyer or written a song, or put up a site, organized
a rally, or anything else, or just want to see your comments posted on our
emails page,
send a message to webmaster@ freetommychong.org

We will give top priority to petitions and organizations working towards
Chong's release.

If your organization is working to Free Tommy Chong, or reform the laws
which have been used to harass him, we want to hear from you.


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