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Freedom Dream Community Grow Journal


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Good afternoon.

I think there are enough people on 420 who are growing Freedom Dream seeds right now and I thought it would be a good idea to have a Community Grow Journal for them so that we can help each other out.

I'll start but I don't want to be in charge of this grow journal. We all will have a say in what is posted and when.

So, if you're growing Freedom Dreams or have grown them in the past, pull up a seat and share your experience with us.

I'll start with the basics.

The Freedom Dream seeds have predominantly been given out to those who requested them from Overgrow Canada.

Here's what their website says about this strain:

Freedom Dream is a strain normally grown in Canada for commercial seed production. The seeds will produce both female and male plants. The female plants will grow about five feet tall and produce a large central bud with minimal side branches. If pollinated by a male plant, the bud will fill with seeds. If not exposed to male pollen, the bud will produce about 8-12% CBD and only very little THC. You could smoke these buds for pain relief but you won't get high. For best medicinal benefit, I would recommend making water hash or other extract from these buds.

Back shortly with our photos and info that we've learned so far.
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Here's the current status (yesterday) of our Freedom Dream seeds.

Free 1: Male, getting cut down today

Free 2: 6 1/4" tall, standing alone

Free 3: Staked and tied, stem not strong enough

Free 4: 2" tall, standing alone

Free 5: Died, stem not strong enough

Free 6: Staked and tied, stem not strong enough

Free 7 never sprouted, Free 8 never germinated.

Here are the latest photos:

Freedom 1, 2, 5 and 6 are 16 days' old. Freedom 1 and 2 are doing really well so it would be great if they were both females but we've decided it's definitely male due to the Freedom 3, 4, 7 and 8 are all 9 days old and of those ones, only 4 and 8 are looking like they'll make it. 7 and 8 look like empty pots, and 5 fell over and has shriveled up.









FREEDOM DREAM 3, 4, 5, 7 AND 8




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Felonious has received conflicting information about the Freedom Dreams. He originally found out that the Freedom Dreams might be autos but then another poster on the other cannabis website Felonious was on said that the guy who said they were autos was nuts as he had grown Freedom Dreams last year and he grew them out to maturity last September. This same person says they are photoperiods AND he says NOT to TOP or FIM them! Just let them be.



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YAY! I was hoping you'd join up!

Congrats on the puppy! We love puppies!


Hey guys I'll be by tomorrow with a proper post, sorry I havent dropped in sooner but I got a puppy


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I'm not growing one, at least not yet, but I'd like to follow along and see what you all learn. :4: :green_heart:

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IN my novice opinion...I'm gonna put my money on autos. [emoji594][emoji592][emoji595] My instinct says the early balls, pre-flowers, high stress if topped or fm'd behavior are not characteristic of photo- periods.

Soooo who knows...we will watch you guys for anticipating results. Thank goodness you're on it...welcome to mystery grow theatre! [emoji102][emoji271]
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