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French boy is high


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Hi evereyone ! I'm from France and I love French Montana (and weed), damn trap music is so good, I don't speak english and I just understand a little bit (I would use google translate sometimes), I will start a grow journal in few times with CFL and Autos for my first time, I love 420 magazine I read a lot of grows journal everyday, sry for my bad english, peace and pot ! :Namaste:


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Hi Frenchy. Bienvenue. French was my first language even though I was born in the USA. My speaking is good but reading and writing have declined over the years. Ca fait des annees depuis j'ecrit en Francais. I need to find out how to change my keyboard too. Have you decided on a strain yet? Will you be growing soil or hydro? Bonne chance avec ton jardain mon amie.
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