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Frenchie's Salt Fert Formula

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CA(NO3)2 calcium nitrate veg 1.5 gram/liter flower: 2.0 gr/l
KNO3 potassium nitrate veg .7 gram/liter flower: 0
KH2PO4 monopotassium phosphate .5 gram/l Flower: 0.5 gram/liter
MgSO4 magnesium sulfate veg .8 gr/liter flower: 0.8
Trace elements 0.1 gr/l flower: 0.1

Always mix the nutes in the order shown above in a full tub of water. Mix the calcium nitrate well before adding the others. If you see a overfeeding look on the top leaves, lower the calcium nitrate, and rinse the medium once or twice a week.

This recipe differ from the previous ones I gave, which was more for tomatoes than weed. In the flowering period, in the last month, start lowering the calcium nitrate so that on the last 2 weeks you would be at 0.5 gr/liter.


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Does anyone have links to others threads here similar to this?

It's been a goal of mine for along time to become proficient in making my own nutrients

I do know it's recommended to first have you water tested to see what's in it
And adjust from there but I'll be using reverse osmosis so it should t matter much

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