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Frequency of feeding with General Hydroponics


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Hi There - I nursed a couple of clones through the winter last year and I'm going to try to do some indoor growing this year. Don't have the money for a fancy set up, so I basically have six clones - Mr. Nice and Blueberry - in one gallon pots. Hydroton at the bottoms of the pots and a 50/50 mix of coconut coir and perlite on top of that. I got the general hydroponics tri-pak and, per instructions on other forums, have started the plants out with a much weaker solution than GH recommends and am gradually building the nute level up. Basically just putting the pots in the sink and pouring the nute mix over the medium.

My question is about frequency of feeding. So far I've been doing the basic finger test on watering - stick your finger in the pot and see how dry it is. The girls are doing great and I'm guessing they're getting some good roots going because they're really sucking up the moisture and I'm needing to water about every three to four days. Do I use the nutrient solution on every single watering or flush it with plain water every other time or what?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - dan


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my suggestion, pick up a liter of calmag as well.

when i used to grow in soil, i used GH 3 part as well, and always found towards mid flower, the plants where lacking magnesium.

anyways, as far as feeding shedual goes, in soil, if you are using HID lighting, max out at about 3/4 str, and if using CFL's, max out around 1/2 str. you can slowly up them from there if you feel comfortable doing so, but be ready to back off.

as far as as frequency goes. alternate feeding, with watering. if you feed them today, next time, just water them. then eventually give them a little flush here and there... for example.

feed, water, feed, water, feed, flush, feed, water etc etc etc. worked great for me in the past.
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