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Frequency of pot use

How often do you smoke?

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I'm currently a 3 or 4 or more times a day smoker. I'm trying to cut back to every other day or less. I'm just curious as to how often the rest of you smoke? Oh yeah. This is my first post on here in a long time. Does anyone remember me?


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I'm fairly new myself so I can't say I do. Welcome back anyway! I'm in the same boat as yourself, tryin to cut back as much as I can each day to save on nug.


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i smoke everyday 2 times a day,,, !! i smoked everyday for 9 yrs.. still going.


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Im high everyday all day(except for when i work) I smoke 1 joint for wake-n-bake and 4 or 5 bowls for the rest of the day.
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