Fresh air circulation and air cooling


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so i'm planning to build a pretty big box, (8 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 8 feet tall) and i was trying to figure out fresh air circulation. i've already budgeted in a thousand watt air coolable hps with a glass cover on the bottom.

my question is, by air cooling the HID lights, does that also bring fresh air into the box or is all of that fresh air just taken right back out without ever mixing with the O2 rich air inside the box? do you need seperate intake and exhaust fans for both the box and the light, or do the fans from the light also circulate enough air through the chamber?

would it be better not to get the glass bottom and upgrade the fans to circulate more air through the box? the problem i saw with this approach would be the distance between my lamp and the plants. after calculating the 8 foot total height of the box minus the 4 gallon buckets, minus the height of the lamp and keeping the plants another 2+ feet below the lamp, it doesn't leave me with much actual room to work with veritcally. i'd rather not screw with scrogging. anybody got any suggestions/experience/adivce they can give me?

much appreciated


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You can leave one end of the hood open and it will draw air from the box. You will need to add fresh air intake holes or vents to draw air in tho. Then all you need is a circulation fan inside to blow the air around.

Start your plants to flower before they get too big and outgrow your space. Put the light as close as possible to the plant tops without burning the back of your hand.

Good luck and be sure to start a "Journal" for us all to enjoy!



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thanks for the help. what if i was trying to vent two lights at once. would i have to just run seperate ducting to each fan and have a junction right before the exhaust fan?



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that would work G on G, i know there is someone on here that vented 3 400hps through the same tube and was cool with heat. if you put the glass on your lamps youll be able to get them a lot closer without heat stress. Urdedpal grew some white widow like that and the buds acutally came out white
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