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Fresno County Passes Temporary Ban On Outdoor Marijuana Gardens


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FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Outdoor marijuana gardens are now illegal in Fresno County. The county supervisors took emergency action to place a moratorium, in effect, a ban on outdoor gardens of medicinal marijuana.

Supervisor Henry Perea questioned the medicinal need for the gardens that have appeared throughout the county. "This is a racket it's not people using marijuana for medicinal purposes. They have figured out a way to abuse a well intended law." he said.

There have been four reports of gunfire at medicinal marijuana gardens in recent weeks. One man was shot and killed while allegedly stealing pot from a garden in Central Fresno. The marijuana grower who shot him is facing murder charges.

Legal providers like Shannon Luce told the supervisors it's unfair to punish them because of the shootings. "How about we place a moratorium on criminals. What kind of precedent are we setting by martyring criminals and punishing law abiding citizens." she said.

Despite pleas from growers, the board acted on advice from the county counsel, and voted unanimously for a 45 day moratorium on outdoor pot growing. Supervisor Perea believes it means growers can move their plants inside, or lose their crop. "I would advise them to take them down today or tomorrow because we are going to come after them."

But Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims said no raids are imminent. "This afternoon there will no be deputies out pulling up marijuana plants."

Sheriff Mims says she supports the supervisor's actions, but says too many cities and counties have been sued and forced to compensate marijuana growers for confiscated plants. "A lawsuit could be financially severe in Fresno County so before we take any action we will be sure we're on solid legal ground." she said.

Well known marijuana defense attorney Bill McPike believes the county is on shaky legal ground. He thinks the county's action is just for show. He says the moratorium is unenforceable, and will be challenged in court. "It's so blatantly unconstitutional. I don't care what the county counsel said, I wasn't there, I disagree and we're willing to fight for patient rights." McPike said.

"The city of Fresno is expected to consider a similar moratorium this week. All this political activity comes as the marijuana harvest is underway. So it's very likely all of the plants growing now will be harvested if, and when before law enforcement gets the chance to pull them up.

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Well, I guess it's back to the national forest and parks. :-(


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Anyone ask how many crimes were around liquor stores and pharmacies of course not, Look up robberies at those types of establishments! Grocery stores get robbed more than dispensaries a pharmacy employee was just killed Sept 3rd in Sacramento it happens almost every day. Thieves steal that's what they do, they'll steal anything they have to live, add a nasty withdrawal from hard opiates.

Kids have been killed over tennis shoes, some criminals have no bounds just like our politicians Fresno get these shit heads in your city council out of there!!!!


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sure wait until everyone has their plants almost ready for harvest and then Make it Illegal wow thats bs

Mad BS WTF come on Fresno your hurting yourself, same reason I'm leaving where I'm at I'll take my tax money elsewhere to a more friendly area. Hey if a towns tax revenue shrinks they will wise up. If not well I guess that is another fight maybe try a greenhouse or shed with clear tops.

We want our right to cannabis free and clear and I'm all for it but we will have to learn some responsibility and show some respect before that can truly happen. I would never want to make my neighbors less safe that's not my right either but the cannabis is not the issue the issue is criminals are attracted to $ no matter where its at that's a fact. For me I have a problem with my crop out where anything or anybody can see it...probably paranoia on my part. When I think of all the thing that could happen with my crop exposed it makes me nuts, kids or even worse but to be able to grow under the BIG LIGHT wooo ahhhhh. I feel your pain Fresno I'm so sorry get rid of these clowns ASAP!

Definatly time to invest in some sort of greenhouses or secure location....or GTFO of Fresno.:roorrip:

Hope things get better for you guys that blows for sure....!
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