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Friend Needs HELP ASAP! harvest or not?


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Hi all,
A mate of mine has had his white ladies on 12/12 since mid march. They are looking and smelling sweet! He is off to glastonbury festival tomorrow. Unfortunately there is no one to look after his ladies so he has 2 options.
1) He will harvest and let them dry while he's away.
2) He will leave the plants in his greenhouse until he's back.
We are currently getting around 14 hours natural light. what affects will changing the light pattern have on the plants? Will he be better off leaving them or harvesting? I saw the plants 3 weeks ago and I would of said they had a while to go before harvest, however he thinks they are pretty much ready. I dont want him to ruin the plants and need some advice quickly or he will cut them! I always thought ww took 70 days flowering.


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Re: Friend Needs HELP ASAP!!! harvest or not???

his plants are hidden far far away!!! It so hard and far that I cant get to his house every 12 hours to put them in the dark room! They are grown under a hps light and spend some time in the sun when the weather is good. he's gonna chop the ladies tomorrrow morning, i think they need another few days, at least 5. The trichs are turning but I dont think enough just yet to cut!
I want him to get as much as Im getting 30% for supplying the light and the feminised white widow seeds! Cant wait, he says he got home today and the plants are stinking and very sticky!!!
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