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what is the best way to dry your weed. I heard you pull the whole plant and hang it upside down trim the fan leaves and wrap it with brown paper with the bottom open for air flow for three days. TRUE OR NOT


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Many schools of thought on this, but they all revolve around the same idea. A slow controlled dry at the right temps and humidity is what matters. Then the cure . Trim the fan leaves and hang the plant will the buds all on the stocks. This works best because there is still and exchange of sugars that happen in the plant and stocks. This will give you a better product, as a-posed to cutting the buds off. Dry at around 18-20 deg C, and keep your humidity around 40 or so. Allow then to dry enough so the branches snap when bent. Then cure. Ask around as well , many people have different little tricks they like to do. But it's the principal that matters. Happy growing


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I personally use glass jars to cure my buds. Canning jars to be exact, as I also use them for long term storage. Stay away from plastics . Each will hold about an ounce.


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I will be hopefully harvesting my first crop in a few months and I had wondered about this myself. I have found what u say to be what the going system is. Little tricks thrown in like u say, but basically the same. We just had a yard sale this summer and got rid of like 40 jars too...:( have to ask the father in-law if he has anymore. Good luck with your grow as well Tops!!!!
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