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From Jiffy Peat Pellet to Soil


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Hi everybody, so a couple days ago I germinated my Critical + seed in some paper towels and then I put the germinated seed in a Jiffy Peat Pellet.

Right now there are some roots getting out of the Jiffy Peat Pellet so I need to transplant to soil.

What is the best method to transplant a seedling from the Jiffy Peat Pellet to soil?

(Sorry for my bad english)

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A guy told me that he made that (Put the pellet in the soil) and the plant did not grow as much as it should.

His plant only gave him 5 grams.


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Ok thanks will do that.

Just one more thing to take off the plastic mesh from the Jiffy Peat Pellet should my Jiffy be really dry?


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If you look at the pics in my journal, every plant was grown in peat pellets and I never cut anything open or took anything off.

same here.


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Now that you know the right way to use them, do you still plan to leave the plastic net in place?

Yes cause if I was doing it the wrong way I would have had problems. Being that my plants grew at a normal rate in the soil with no problems,,,,I would have to say your so called wrong way works just fine.


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...The roots will grow through that small mesh material, i have seedlings that are 2 weeks sprouted and they already have roots coming out of the material.

Just curious as to why you leave the mesh on.
Is it because nobody ever told you to take it off, or because you see a positive benefit from leaving it on?

Have you done a comparison between root growth with the net on and off?

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never had any problems either peppers, tomatos, or pot. I think that they are great:)


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I am a beginner and believe me when I say I know how u feel. I bought high end seeds a few weeks ago and lost them all trying the paper towel method, and putting some straight into Peat Pellets, I lost em all. Thanks to a generous member here that donated seeds to help out, and gave me some input I am as we speak waaaaay more successful. Heres what I did, I soaked them for 24 versus my original 18 hours, placed them into damp but not soaked Peat Pellets "my first loss was due to soaked Pellets", placed them on a warm "Not Hot" heating pad with my 600 watt LED grow light at 20" above the Pellets and had 7 out of 8 pop just yesterday after only 3 days from putting them in the Pellets. See attachment!

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