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From Sunshine#4 to Pro Mix HP

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I'm trying a bale of Pro Mix HP. I was told it was better than Sunshine #4. I use FloraNova and wanted to use Earth Nectar/Earth Ambrosia. My question is since the Pro Mix has the Mycorise, will the nectar and ambrosia be too much? Should I wait a week or two? To give a little more detail. I'm about to transplant into #3 smart pots and start to flower, they are 12-15 inches tall, 3-4 weeks old after dropping roots. Thanks for any input or advice.
What is the nectar and ambrosia? Some sort of carbo?

You will need carbos to feed the myco's and BB.

I use molasses myself.

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Earth Nectar is a liquid compost concentrate. Ingredients: bacterial dominated compost,fungal dominated compost,whole seaweed,extract of sea weed,earthworm castings,fulvic acid and cultured humus. Its a complete liquid inoculant. The earth ambrosia is basically a liquid humus. They work together 3 oz EN and 3 oz EA into 1 gallon non chlorinated water which will treat 8-12 five gallon containers (soil).It says apply monthly and on every transplant. It all sounds good just weary of the mycorise already present in the pro mix hp and don't wanna burn da ladies right off the bat. Maybe over thinking and could just test on a few. This stuff also works for hydro,cloning, and as foilar. Nothing left to do but do. Thanks dog for the input.
The myco's and BB aren't going to burn anything, so extra won't hurt. Really not needed once you have a good colony going, but it won't hurt anything. They aren't nutes, but living organisms.

The additives I have never used, so I can't comment on them.

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Thanks D.Dog for the reply. So it seems like it should be used during transplant for a kick start to the roots. I'll let you know if anything explosive happens. Thanks again.