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From Veg to Bloom - Couple of questions please help


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I have 3 Blue Widows
and 1 AK420 in the same box

on 18/6 (Light/Dark)
they are bout 6 weeks old

AK started to grow buds (2 weeks ago) and all good, but no buds on Blue Widows so far.
AK is about 20 inches while BWs are 15.
Type of light: HPS or LEC not sure have to open the thing, also it has thick glass which came with it, in front of it attached, should I remove it?
I figured switching them to 12/12 is a good idea?
But what about AK? My guess is that AK is auto and BWs are not. In that case, is 12/12 bad for AK?
Also should I keep them in darkness for 36h before switching?

I have read that during 36Hours of darkness, they should not be bothered.
But how to water them then? I mean I have to open the box right?

Thanks in advance


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Very few people put them in dark in front of bloom.

Seems you have mixed Autos with photos so you can do 2 things.
Go on with 18/6 till the Auto is finished or put the Auto under 12/12.

It should work to go to 12/12 with Autos and they just take some longer.
But I read also that some few Autos don't like to switch.

HPS you can remove the glass, LEC not.
Only HPS with glass are for air cooled hoods.


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Mine is not with air cooled hood. hmmm
Can remove or should remove? I would leave it as it is if it does no harm or if opened is not better.

Any benefit from putting them in dark for 36hrs?

Also, what if auto takes 1 more month to finish?
what will happen to the rest of BWs?
they will just grow without buds and produce buds only after 12/12 and stay in veg stage for that long?


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If the bw's are photos then they will just keep growing vegativly until switched then they will start producing buds. The auto should be fine if you switch to 12/12. It will affect your yield but not by much. The glass in your light is really there for bulb protection and heat but could be taken out but thats your choice. I can however tell you that glass blocks uvb rays

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They are a specific wavelength of light

Simple google search

What is the wavelength of UVa, UVb, and UVc light measured in nanometers, and frequency (in Hz)?
Asked by: Richard M. Arnold, B.S.

According to multiple sources (NASA, FDA, and others) here are the wavelengths of the UVA, UVB and UVC regions:

UVA 400 nm - 320 nm
UVB 320 nm - 290 nm
UVC 290 nm - 100 nm
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