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Frost before harvest


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I have a situation on my hands that I'm not quite sure how to deal with. I had some very old lowryder seeds that I thought were junk, so I threw them into a pot just to see what would happen. Well, 6 out of 8 of them germinated :goof:, but due to sharing a house, I cannot grow them indoors. My area usually gets the first frost from mid-late October to the first week of November, but with the 60 day to harvest characteristic of lowryder, they won't be ready until the first week of November. I have to put them outdoors, but they're almost guaranteed to be frosted to death. Should I just put them outside and hope for the best, and if I do that, will it be possible to harvest them even if they're killed by frost and I go out to get them up to a few days later?

Thanks in advance!


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They don't actually only take 60 days to finish, I believe they take about 70 (lowryder 2 takes a little longer even)

They're already going so just throw em out there and hope for the best! The only other alternative is to kill them... just let em go....


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Can you do a stealth grow in your house in which no one would know about? like a cabinet or computer modem case?


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where are you growing at? is it near your house or somewher you can stash them at night?


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there's ag covers of different weights that give protection down to 25-28 deg they breathe and let water through

also what genetics the plant has important you know it gets pretty chilly at night in the mountains in afganistan and nepal
also an established plant will cope with a little bit of frost
better than a very young one
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