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Frostiest strains you've grown?


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what are the frostiest strains you've grown, but with pictures of course:bong::bong::bong:. my ladies are about 4 weeks in and packing it on and i'm just salivating daily when i look into the tent


Diablo X strain I grew , It was so sticky full of crystals...


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Not sure I can narrow it down ;) :19: as had quite a few rather frosty ones in my Plant and Bud thread where I put my pics (as I don't label my pics and losing my memory only way to keep track of what is what....why I need to label the pics ;) ).

Some recent ones:


Lemon Hashplant

a Mystery one that was supposed to be an Auto but wasn't so no real idea on the Strain

and a bunch of others in that last link of my Sig from last few years that if you went thru you would see why hard to narrow down a "most frostiest" ;) :19:


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All the Hashplant crosses I have grown so far have thrown them out, the Blueberry Hashplant and the Healing Hashplant in that thread a page or two back threw out the frost and the color in some cases. That breeder seems to like to cross to their Hashplant as a ton of crosses with that in their beans, I have another one I haven't popped any of yet but sometime down the road.

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I have a Dark Widow Auto at 35 days flowering that is frosting up nicely so far


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That pineapple chunk looks absolutely amazing!

Thank you!!! She is a super frosty pheno I was lucky enough to grow....took clones and i am starting my 3rd run with her.

Thanks again,
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Here's a pic of a C99 bud, one of the frostiest plants I've grown. Its one of those buds that clogs up your grinder when grinding it because its got so much resin. Another bud I grew notable for its resin production was Greenhouse seeds Trainwreck, the buds were literally white with resin unfortunately I dont gave a pic of those in my gallery. There have been a few.

Pic of Napalm

This was an unknown bagseed strain that was white with resin and knocked your socks off, very strong.


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Barneys Farm Peyote Critical from last year, she was a frosty one....



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CriticalPurpleKush from Seedsman is my frostiest to date and it is pretty heres a couple pics.

These pics were taken just prior to Harvest it is great smoke!!


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