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Frosty Mephisto Autos & More: Perpetual, COB LED, Coco Drip System

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Hey, so I'm back in action with a new auto grow. I bought a house, so now I can do the perpetual auto grow in the 8x8 tent, and in the 5x5 tent go for the 3 pounds off the Goliath. I will also be growing different photo periods in that tent.

For those that don't know me, I grew a 2.9 pound dry weight auto Critial in a 18 liter hard pot. I also grew a 14.8oz auto Northern Lights, and many other huge autos. Now I am going for the frosty autos, and trying to find that perfect combo of frost, looks, smell, decent yield and super stony autos.

So far, I love the Auto Colorado Cookies by Dutch Passion. Always stable, and this strain has it all. Fast Buds Gorilla Glue so far has been great, but their genetics have been a hit and miss with stability.

So, on with the grow.

Growing in Gorilla tents.

Environment - Closed system. CO2 tank, AC, dehumidifier and heater. This is all need to keep the perfect temps, humidity and Co2 levels. A closed system doesn't bring in fresh air and does remove air. The plants create oxygen and the CO2 tank delivers CO2 for the plants. I grew my biggest autos and my most frosty autos this way. I've been growing this way for years.

Medium -- Coco

Style of growing -- Drip to waist, fed every 3 hours for 5 or more seconds. Run of daily.

Feeding - Feed daily ever 3 hours, as said above.

EC of feeding - Starting at .6, then up to 1.2ec max. Multiply those numbers by 500 to get the PPMs.

Lights - Perfect Sun Goliath and Perfect Sun COB. My favorite lights to grow with.

8x4 - floor tray to make it easy to wetvac up the runoff. A pump with a hose leading out to my yard plants and grass to pump the runoff out of the wetvac. This makes everything super easy.

50 gallon drum for my res to feed from.

1/4 inch tube to feed each pot.

Strains -- Many. I will be trying to find the best over all strains that are frosty, stable, stony. I want the most frosty stony autos. I will be growing from different seed companies, like Mephisto, Dutch Passion, Fast Buds, etc, all which you can get from 420magazine sponsors.

Here is Day 1 and Day 3 of the Auto Sensi Skunk. I will be adding more plants to the grow as it continues, so that I am harvesting, every 3 weeks.

Day 1 -- started Oct. 5



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re: Frosty Mephisto Autos & More - Perpetual - COB LED - Coco Drip System

Im subbed, im vaping Sensi Skunk this evening. Interested in seeing what you do with it. [emoji106]
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For those that missed the photo grow under the Goliath, hidden in the last auto grow. Here is a time lapse video of the grow.
2.48 pounds dry. 575w from the wall. That is almost 2 grams per watt. I have another video doing the dry weight.