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The time is near for Ammy girl. I will be seeding another Amnesia Haze in due time....




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I’m outdoor, contemplating indoor over the winter.
I’m not sure where to start in terms of seeds. I’ve never ordered, I just received these clones from a friend.
I see NL and WW mentioned often as very reliable outdoor strains up in CAN climate.
NL will be a very easy indoor grow for you to start with. She moves through all stages very well, doesn't succumb to some things other strains do like mold or rot.

Talk to the seed farm sponsors here. See what you can find. I joined after I was already purchasing from i-49 seeds. I have 28 left or I would certainly give one of the sponsor manufacturers a whirl. Search there for lighting and nutrient needs as well.

Upon talking to the sponsors, via PM, you may be able to work out samples or pricing that would accommodate your current needs. I purchase all of my tents and duct equipment via Amazon-very easy to navigate and read reviews.

Troll some first journal pages here and start to make a list of items that you need or have questions about. Then pose them here on the forum when you have gathered a formidable "must-have, want to have" list. Ask for suggestions, experiences with different products.

If you ever personally want indoor grow info, you can always ask me, I'm only on my 3rd grow (multiple multiple plants), but I have a pretty solid growing foundation and indoor care plan that I follow. I'm more than happy to share what I know with you and then you can gather any further information you may desire from anyone of these marvelous people and posts.

Good luck and thanks for dropping a line for my Ammy girl:goodluck::48:


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Very nice!
Thanks DB...imma call you that, I have a chiropractor turned family who's name is Beth, I call her DB for Doctor Beth...reminds me of her every time I see it (even though she's a girl, that's a good thing)
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