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Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Worst Industrial Catastrophe In History

Be Irie

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Why don't they plant ton's of hemp there...didn't they use it in Chernobyl after the disaster to strip the radiation from the soil or something? wouldn't that be some "killer weed" pun intended...lol

Honestly it is a real shame that we had to witness this disaster, and we still have no clue on how much it will impact the future.... after this happened I was tracking the radiation in the atmosphere on different sites and it spread all over the globe within weeks... the part that most of the media failed to report was Iodine was not the only radioactive element that was released... they only reported this one because its half life was only 7 days... they failed to mention the others that had half lifes of 25+ years...

Makes you really wonder how safe our facilities are...ever looked at a map that shows all of them in the usa??? it will blow your mind how many there are...


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Yeah, mapping the nuke facilities in the US is crazy. So damn many of them.
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