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Full-on untrained Luke in need of some Yoda help with DWC.. Or at least Han help.


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Hi there, long time listener, first time caller type deal here. Let me start by thanking all of you, from those of us who read forums and gain much without participating. Those of you who offer guidance and answer questions are helping many more people than those who post the issues. So again: thank you. Much.

Let me also apologize. I am not so great at navigating the site and I am sure that many issues I present will have been covered in past threads. I can only apologize and say that though general answers are here aplenty, specific guidance is what I seek.

So here is my current, functioning artificial environment:

»4x4 Gorilla Grow Tent
»Filter and fan connected to ducting from outside to tent wall
»Ducting from inside tent wall to Cool Tube reflector
»Reflector running 400w metal halide/veg OR 600w high pressure sodium/bloom
»Reflector connected to ducting, ducting connected to tent wall, vents out
»Additional filter and fan connected to ducting from outside to tent wall, internal air flow
»Ducting connected to outside tent wall, ducting connected to additional fan and large carbon filter, oder control
»Reflector connected to Galaxy select-a-watt (400, 600, 1000) ballast, with 18/6 and 12/12 timer
»External monitor measures internal temp (71f - 76f) and humidity (41% - 47%)
»Small internal fan for air flow

And here is my current, functioning grow system:

»2 x General Hydroponics WATERFARM(s) (5 gal buckets, 2 gal fill-line)
»Hydroton, expanded clay pellets
»2 x air pumps, feeds bubbles and top drip circle
»Advanced Nutrients Ph Perfect Sensi Grow A & B
»Advanced Nutrients Ph Perfect Connoisseur Bloom A & B
»Advanced Nutrients Additives: Sensizyme, B-52, Voodoo Juice, Big Bud, Overdrive
»General Hydroponics Rapid Start
»Digital PH meter
»Digital PPM/Temp meter
»Reverse Osmosis water filtration system
»Flying Skull ph up and ph down


I had some what I think is white powdery mold on some leaves and(somehow even more so) on the net pots. I removed worst leaves, cleaned buckets and net pots, mixed a solution of Hydrogen peroxide and RO water and spray the areas that show a bit of wpm. Also had some root rot in one of the buckets so I have been adding a bit of hydrogen peroxide to the reservoir. Seems to be working slowly but surely. Just the same, I purchased Sensizyme as well and added that.
I have a six bucket bubbleflow system with a 20 gal reservoir and all the fixins, but I havenever grown in my life, so I wanted to A) sort of "calibrate" and fine tune the tent system/environment and B) see what kind of gardener I was and make any rookie mistakes with a smaller crop, before I planted big in bubbleflow. So thats why I bought the Waterfarms. And my sister gave me two clones to try out. Now, when I transplanted them (first time, remember) I may not have exactly removed all of the soil,debris, etc. Don't get me wrong, I actually did get most, nearly all of it. But it was tough and I was scared to hurt plants and won't be transferring from soil again. But I am wondering if this has caused the root rot and/or wpm? Also wondering if it is related to my other issue, my main issue, the issue for which (in large part) this whole entry was created. Been short on sleep and high on stress lately because:
Despite all my best efforts and studying and reading and planning and f###ing SPENDING, I cannot for the life of me keep my PH from creeping up EVERY FEW HOURS into lockout territory! Several times I have flushed my hydroton, which surrounds the root structure and the little cube the plant was in in the soil. I have topped it off with cold RO water to keep water temp at lower end of range (listed above). I just dont know what to do. I will have everything at 5.5PH or so and then three maybe four hours later, its at 6.3... So I use PH down. Gone through a whole bottle (diluding it prior to use even!) In two weeks. Plantscare in second week of veg now, and I cant bear the thought of doing this every four hours or so (except when I forget and my plants/eventual crops suffer) for next two months. I feel like the sleep deprived father who is slowly losing it. I don't wanna sleepwalk in there and smother my plants with a pillow, ya know?! Help me Obi Wan Kenobi... you're my only hope.


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Go4snyper, thank you so much for reply. I should say that I have dropped my PH down to 4.9 just to buy me a little time, for dayjob, and (at best) it does just that. Takes a lil bit longer to creep, that's all. Thanks again for reply! First one ever!


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What brand ph meter? How do you calibrate it? Make 1 gallon of nutes and see how it does sitting alone in a bucket. If the ph goes crazy then it is the nutes or the ph up/down you are using. Your ph will go up and down throughout the week but what you have is very extreme. You said you are adding RO water to keep the temp down? Are you ph'ing that water?
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