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Fun Night


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so last sunday i was up visiting my parents at their house in the desert pretty much (i live in mesa, az) and i ate and chilled with them for a while. then midnight rolled around and they had gone to bed and i was still wide awake and bored so i drove over to the neighborhood pool, (that is awesome btw has a huge waterfall) so im swimmin for a pit and there are these 2 dudes chillin in the hottub drinkin. soon after, one asks me "do you burn?" and i reply yes and swim over. he pulled out a pipe and small sack and i told him to wait and id bring some to match him. grabbed my stash from my car then smoked with these two random dudes. haha sorry that was so long but i thought it was fun and these guys were hilarious


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I love meeting random people and smoking with them. I look a bit like a stoner... hair past the shoulders and such, so it happens quite often.
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