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Fun strains


So like the title says what strains have you just flat out have a good time with? Whether it’s a case of the giggles or maybe it enhances a video game or movie... just a good old Stoney time! For my next grow I’m doing a mixed batch and I definitely want that kinda high in my garden. I don’t have much experience with the variety of strains so this will be very helpful to me!

Attached is the day 14 pic of my Jack herer autos!



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I think an old school sativa strain like Columbian Gold is a “fun” strain. While not a true landrace, it’s still really reminiscent of the ‘70’s classic.
I just chopped this one down this weekend and she’s still hangin’ and dryin’.
It’s been in my grow rotation for a few years.
Not a super-duper potent one. Maybe 15-17%, but a really nice social high.
Great for passing around and playing or listening to some music with friends.



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The go to for me and my cousin and her husband is Cinderella 99 This strain is amaZing when we watch movies on my 106” projection screen. The colours just pop and music is just all so soothing. Even more impressive when watching a 3D movie with a lot of darkness and a bit of colour present. Avengers: Infinity War when Thor travels through space to create his new weapon was just WOW!!!
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