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Second time growing, first time was totally outdoors. This time wanted to get an early start so used clones under cfl's 22/2 for about 6 weeks. Plants are now 12 - 12 using outside daylight and bringing them inside at night. 8 am to 8 pm. They are starting to pre-flower but am finding a white powdery sustance on the leaves in the morning. At first I thought it was water spots, but now thinking it's a fungi.
Would a fan in the closet at night help this problem? and What do you recommend as a fungicide?
How long do I leave the plants on 12/12?
Thank you in advance for any information.

JJ Bones

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Definitely powdery mildew.

Is it humid where you live? Do you get thick morning fog or anything? An oscillating fan in your closet will definitely be beneficial.

If you do get some type of heavy fog in the morning, consider putting them outside a but later.

The SNS is a nice product to solve your PM problem, however if you don't adjust something you're going to be flying through bottles.


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I have found the problem. With all the rain we had here (7" in one day) a few plants inthe back yard got the white powder mold and my girls contracted it from them. A mixture of two tbls of neem oil to a gallon of water got rid of it and I'm now using an osillating fan. So far all is good inside at 8pm and outside at 8am. 10 days now and the girls are starting to bud up good. thanks for all your help. I will keep you posted on my in and out progress
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