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Fungus gnat control


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I recently had a round of fungus gnats do to a leak in ceiling and me not thinking properly. Anyway I treated with neem which seems to have helped a lot and I know it doesn't get better overnight. I would like any thoughts on the best method to kill gnats and larvae as I need to get some more stuff and wanted to change it up some. I know there are peroxide and water, thuricide, mosquito dunks and of course neem oil. I have neem and peroxide so trying to decide which is most effective between thuricide ] and mosquito dunks? Also, have tomato leaves for a spray but not sure if it works on gnats or larvae

Constance Begood

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I used to use neem but switch over time to Big Time Exterminator. Safe and kills them fast. Main thing is to let your soil dry out but not too much to stress your plants. Then water but don't over water. Also Yellow sticky traps are really good to invest in.


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I had gnats,watered my plants with mosquito dunk treated water, now I don't have gnats.
It takes 2 or 3 waterings to kill all the larvae,and the existing adults then die of old age.
The adults are just annoying-they do no harm to your plants-it's the larvae that eat roots.
Throw about a half a dunk in your plant water 24 hours before you use it so the good bacteria can populate it-then just water with it as you normally would-do this 3 times,and your gnat problem is gone.

Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis is the active ingredient to look for in whatever you use.


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Thanks everyone I know the fan helps since my other batch cleared up fast. So I bought another fan, yellow sticky traps and mosquito dunks. Hopefully on way to recovery just hope I didn’t lose all my babies
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