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Fungus gnat in DWC?


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Noticed last night little gnat like bugs flying out of my res during change. They are 52 days old (13 days into bloom nutes). pH and ppm have been steady throughout grow with res temps ranging in low 70s. Every res change at 7-10 days it gets hydroguard and Z7 with additional boost of Z7 every 3-4 days.

Was thinking fungus gnats aren't possible in DWC but clearly it is as I see videos on YouTube and threads here.

Is this a fungus gnat?


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Yeah man I despise fungus gnats for sure Mosquito Bits also sprinkle a few into you res and they will break down the fungus gnat large will eat it and die!! Also put up sticky traps to catch the adults!! So they don't lay more eggs each female can lay like 1000 eggs in her 2 week life time!!! They take over slowly but after a month you have thousands eating away at you roots all in different stages of life!! You need to kill the larvae-Adult to get rid of them!!!! Good luck!!!! Get some PEROXIDE !!! Start there!!! 1 cup to 1 gallon

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No need for peroxide. That will kill beneficial bacteria. But mosquito bits or dunks will work. Sticky papers for adults too.
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