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Fungus Gnats: Hypoaspis miles?


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Hello, has anyone used Hypoaspis miles on fungus gnats before. Both my grows have had fungus gnat problems, I have been using everything but the kitchen sink on them without total success (sticky traps, neem oil, gnatural, sand, drying out method). Im fortunate in the way that I don't have any other pests, but believe they are here to stay with future grows. My area is not inside so to say and can be open to the elements. I cannot control them entering the area, so hopefully I can control them in it.
Thanks in advance for any advice. :)


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I didn't know what you were talking about until google and wikipedia filled me in:)
It sounds to me like they should do what you need them to do.
Definitely worth a try...Let us know how they work out!


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Ok will try the BTI (mosquito dunks) first off. @Dwight Monk did you find any lady bugs in your flowers afterwards? Will do a little more research first. I guess it can't be as bad as little gnats all through them. Will do @carcass If I get them. I like the idea of Hypoaspis miles as they don't go anywhere near your flowers or eat your roots living in top couple inches of medium. Apparently surviving on dry plant material after the gnats are eaten. Could they possibly eat roots aswell? This would make them just as painful as gnats, thinking I will find out sooner or later. Thanks for the input peoples. :peace:


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The BTI works a tick. I lost one whole grow to a massive fungus gnat infestation. Then I started using the dunks. Really, fast, and the gnats just die back, then disappear. They can't breed. I've used them 3 times since and watched it work. Just keep treating until they're gone.

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The lady bugs disappeared before I harvested for the most part as once they ate them all they went to find food elsewhere (once the cycle broke as no adults then no more eggs and the lady bugs laid their eggs as their larvae eat more than they do), only pain was a few would piggyback into the house off my hair ;) and the old lady didn't like them flying around inside :19: but only 3 or 4 did that out of the however thousands there was in that bag I bought (think it was 2,500 per package).
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