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Funny aftertaste

Lady Pothead

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The person who so thoughtfully enables me to smoke recently hooked me up with something his friend had just brought in. :3:

It has a slightly fruity smell, with small compact buds and tiny stems. After three or four average hits from a joint, I get a slight metallic aftertaste.

It does seem to give me cotton mouth a little more than I'm used to, but other than that it's alright.

Anyone have any insight? Is the after taste something common, or is it just this batch?

Thanks, everyone who smokes more than me. I bow to your specialized knowledge, earned through clouds of life affirming smoke! :laugh2:

The Lady


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i have been getting headaches from the unflushed perfume tasting pot going around, I wish pple would grow their pot properly. (not the pot i get but the stuff i get matched)


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the funny chemicalish tastes can definitley come from hydro that wasn't flushed before harvest. the mettallic and perfumy tastes most likely come from improper storage and shipping practices, like containers and things to mask odor. i think these things are not any more a health risk than smoking anything else, it just detracts from the experience. the only way to avoid it is to know exactly where your smoke comes from, and how its been handled, but most of us don't have that luxury.


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Aluminum foil is used a lot to avoid detection. Although it looks clean, there are really microscopic particles loose all over these sheets. Some people complain of food tasting like aluminum after using it in the fridge, so this is probably the same result.

I can taste aluminum before it gets close to my mouth. Part of the allergy, part because of lithium.
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